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Crazy Creature!!! One-Day Workshop

Cardboard, Unusual Materials, Open Ended Design, Super SillyCaroline ScanlanComment

Today was the day that we decided to build a CRAZY CREATURE!!!

Recently, a mysterious shipment of large cardboard cargo barrels arrived at the Tinkering School. We've been wondering what on Earth do with them...and today we were hit with a stroke of inspiration upon learning that they were once, in fact, used to transport specimens to The California Academy of Sciences. So Cool! We decided to build a specimen of our own out of those big barrels: a CRAZY CREATURE!!!

We held a design meeting and imagined what it would be like to have different tinkerers working on the three major parts of the creature: Top, Bottom, and Support/Spine. After an initial brainstorm, each tinkerer spent a quiet 10 minutes crafting an initial design for this crazy barrel chimera creature. 

We then split into three build teams, shared our ideas, and decided on a plan. 

Finally, we GOT TINKERING!


Design: Hinged legs + feet as well as a braided tail!


Design: four folding lever arms, operated by strings that can be pulled from the middle of the creature!


Design: a central spine attached to a rolling, 4-wheeled base!

Unfortunately we didn't have time to attach all of our appendages and crazy contraptions to the barrel before the day was done.

We did, howeverhave an awesome time explaining our process and our tinkering to the parents who showed up at the end of the day. We may never know what this crazy creature would have looked like with all of its parts put together...but some projects are just better that way :)

Intro to Welding - March 15

Welding, Unusual Materials, CardboardJosh Rothhaas

The 8 kids who came to Intro to Welding today where focused and ready to dive in. They used a little over 90 volts and 20 amps to bring steel to over 4,800 degrees fusing it into solid single pieces. Many of them even wandered into the world of mixed material crafting by adding wood and cardboard and plastic to the mix. Today we made chairs, tables, flying busses, coat-hangers, rectilinear art, abstract art and more. 

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