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Workshops are a great way to get a taste of Tinkering School during the school year. Imagine the unexpected and exciting provocations of a week-long summer camp, but in a one- or two-day weekend session! These sessions are full of great challenges, chances to use new tools, and fast paced problem solving with a unique team of peers.

We offer workshops in building with wood, with metal, and with a wide range of unusual, fun, and sometimes silly building materials. Workshops are where we experiment with new ideas, meet new kids, and keep our shop humming along until next summer. 

One Day Workshops

Our most common workshop, kids learn to use real power tools safely and precisely. They learn to work together and take on adult-sized problems. And they build big, bold, beautiful things.

Join us for a day of genuine problem-solving. The kind that makes you scratch your head in frustration. The kind that makes you jump for joy when it's overcome. We use no formulas or scripts, and every workshop is different. The kids lead, and their infinite capacity for creativity takes us all kinds of amazing places.

Welding Workshops

In Welding Workshops, young builders harness 20V of electricity to create temperatures above 2500F and melt two pieces of steel into one! 

Come for one workshop or sign up for a few. We scale instruction to each welder's specific capabilities as they grow, and also teach other types of metal manipulating skills as their individual projects unfold. 

All-Girls Workshops

We are convinced tinkering is a form of playing, making, and doing that has nothing to do with gender. We're proud of the progress we've made in the number of girls who come build awesome things at Tinkering School. 

Tinkering School empowers kids. We're asking for your and your daughters' continuing support in establishing Tinkering School as a place where girls feel comfortable, empowered, and excited to make, play and problem solve. One of the best ways to do that is by having lots of cool peers to hang out with. One way we are trying to help build a rad community of girl-tinkerers is by offering All-Girls Workshops. If that's what you and your daughter are looking for, just look for any workshop in our system with "All-Girls" in the title.

Teen Workshops

Advancing in sophistication, dexterity, and complexity of thought, Teens move at a totally different pace. Our teen workshops have the same fundamental goals as any other workshop, but are designed with an eye towards the wants and needs of older kids. We have been doing this for years at our overnight camp (check out some photos from our Seniors Week) and are excited to bring a richer and deeper experience to our shorter-format workshops. 

All-Ages Workshops

Most of our workshops are for all kids of all ages and all genders. We often cap our All-Ages workshops at 13 as we find most older kids prefer to work with other older kids. However, we are open to kids of any age joining in! 

Just let us know you're interested by emailing info@tinkeringschool.com.



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