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Dangerous Done Well Monday: Final Sessions

After SchoolSean Murray

For the final two meetings of Dangerous Done Well Mondays, we walked down the street blindfolded...

Guiding blindoflded walkers past the bus stop at 18th and Bryant.

...blowing stuff up in the microwave...

Irish Spring Soap expands into a really low-density solid foam. Warning to egg-microwavers--if an egg goes more than 60 seconds without exploding, STOP. Allow at least 20 minutes for the egg to cool. We learned this the hard way: an egg that took 180 seconds to explode delivered so much force that it broke the microwave.

...and learning to use power tools. For our last class, we attempted to build and climb a tower of our own design, but fell just short. So, we settled for a climb up the shop catwalk, also designed and built by 6-12 year-olds.

Pinto's first un-assisted chop saw cut!

Aidan scales the vertical ladder leading up to the catwalk.

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