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Dangerous Done Well Tuesdays, Day 3: The "Ready" Call

After SchoolSean Murray

When doing dangerous things, some threats are obvious. For example, when throwing knives, cuts and ricochets readily present themselves as risks to be mitigated.

A knife sticks in the target, handle-first.

But not all threats are so obvious. When doing dangerous things in large groups, peers can become source of chanting, urging, peer-pressuring risk (like in this video of a person being pressured into sticking a knife in a toaster).

To make sure that our group helps create a calm, sober, controlled atmosphere for the person actively doing the dangerous thing, we've developed a "Ready Call" system. 

After asking After asking "Ready?", Georgia looks for the silent "thumbs-up" from the rest of the group.

1. The Do-er asks the group, "Ready?" 

2. If the group notices anything wrong or outside the plan, a spoken "No!" stops the activity. 

3. When the "Ready?" question is met with unanimous, silent "thumbs-up", the Do-er proceeds to do dangerous things, well. 

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