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Dangerous Done Well Tuesdays, Day 3: The "Ready" Call

Dangerous (Fall 2013)Sean Murray

When doing dangerous things, some threats are obvious. For example, when throwing knives, cuts and ricochets readily present themselves as risks to be mitigated.

A knife sticks in the target, handle-first.

But not all threats are so obvious. When doing dangerous things in large groups, peers can become source of chanting, urging, peer-pressuring risk (like in this video of a person being pressured into sticking a knife in a toaster).

To make sure that our group helps create a calm, sober, controlled atmosphere for the person actively doing the dangerous thing, we've developed a "Ready Call" system. 

After asking

After asking "Ready?", Georgia looks for the silent "thumbs-up" from the rest of the group.

1. The Do-er asks the group, "Ready?" 

2. If the group notices anything wrong or outside the plan, a spoken "No!" stops the activity. 

3. When the "Ready?" question is met with unanimous, silent "thumbs-up", the Do-er proceeds to do dangerous things, well. 

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