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Makers Workshop: Doodling with Axles

After SchoolSean Murray

Class continued apace with our young builders continuing their explorations of axles. We started class witha few minutes of team bubble-wrap popping (just for fun).

Popping one bubble at a time is kind of meditative.

Jah-Amiel and Bella savor the installation of a well-aligned rear axle.

Minette became fascinated by the chop saw's ability to miter and bevel...

...and started cutting pieces for a sculpture.

In a few short months, Reuben has come to really value precision--having your pieces exactly the length you intended makes projects better and stronger.

This last photo says a lot about the atmosphere here at Tinkering School, and the things that are even more important than building cool stuff.

Nathan and Hugo are friends, frequent collaborators and veteran tinkerers. Last week, they set out to spell out their names in wood. This afternoon, Nathan was unable to come to the shop. So his buddy, Hugo, worked not just on his name, but on his absent friend's name, as well.

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