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TSAS Middles: Chemistry and Gutter Prototypes

After SchoolSean Murray

We started the day with a little chemistry experiment.

Jonah had brought in a vial of manganese dioxide that he'd harvested, himself, from batteries. We used some hydrogen peroxide to create an ectothermic reaction with water and oxygen as the products.

It was cool, and involved steam.

Then we began on our next project--a boat race. Because we're about 2 miles from the Bay and 5 miles from the Ocean, our boat race will take place indoors, with very tiny boats.

Lulu and Jonah grab fresh sticks.

So our first step was to create gutters for the boats to race in.

Gio, Travis and Jake bring their trough-style gutter to life.

We broke into three design teams, shared design ideas, and then began prototyping short sample sections of the different gutter designs.

Jonah, Lulu and Bella , fighting the builder's timeless battle against water.

Many hands make light work.

Next week we'll complete the gutter samples and test them to see which are most watertight!

Elijah shows off his precise miters.

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