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TSAS Middles: Building Gutters for a Boat Race

After SchoolSean Murray

After extensive prototyping, we started in on production of the full-size gutters for our boat race.

"Yes, Josh, but what if we did it this way..."

It was a lean crew, our ranks decimated by spring break trips. The tiny crew had a great vibe and workflow, and were able to cheer one another through tough problems and moments of wandering focus.

Travis and Gio tried three different styles of leg assembly before settling on the one that was sufficiently strong and easy to produce.

Elijah double checks the plywood that will actually hold the water.

With Bella cranking out precise pieces for the gutters' stilts and Gio, Travis and Elijah on assembly, we produce a stable, standing 8' length of "boat racetrack"!

When making standard parts, quality control is crucial.

Stay tuned!

Gio and Elijah start to assemble a gutter.

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