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Going Up

Sean Murray

drillingGoing Up

We've just wrapped up day two of the first week of summer camp. The theme this week is Up. We are heading up in a myriad of ways.

Up to the second flood above the bathrooms. our bridge more bridge

Up to the rafters in a unit that reminds me of a window washing rig. lifting lifting

Up, then back down on a plywood slide (I don't have a good picture yet, but I'll get one tomorrow).

With 29 kids we are the biggest we've ever been. After an intense week of staff training, curriculum brainstorming, workshop build out and more we came into monday as ready as can be. And now, by just day two we are finding a rhythm. The kids are quickly learning the shop and how to use the tools. They are putting lessons learned to quick use and already starting and finishing several self directed projects. 9079769753<em>d1817cf880</em>c.jpg 9081991364<em>399a3d948b</em>c.jpg

Be sure to check out more photos over on our new flickr.

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