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I wouldn't have built it that way

Sean Murray

From nothing,brightworks workshop

to something. 9123944206<em>0fc8d657f6</em>b.jpg 9123918346<em>11e86b0594</em>c.jpg

From an idea to creation. latch made by a child happy face of nails

One of my favorite parts of summer camp is how often I say to myself "I would have never done it like that". This is what happens when you empower kids with tools and skills then constrain them with supplies and time. These are the things we make when there are no instructions, only boundaries and safety checks. These are the things we make when there are no directions, only a starting point and a vague goal. These are thing we make when a creative collaborator and some brave kids work together to solve some amazing problems. 9123917454<em>d69500218e</em>b.jpg 9098158008<em>dbdf739186</em>b.jpg 9095929187<em>6b3573785b</em>b.jpg 9121689651<em>139261e2d7</em>b.jpg 9123916722<em>49ccd7167f</em>b.jpg 9123919682<em>255e3c00e4</em>b.jpg

Week one and the theme of Up is over. Week 2 is just beginning.

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