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Sean Murray

This week is about color. Exploring it. Playing with it. Opening it up and looking inside.

We started the week with our usual slew of community agreements and safety rituals.

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We acted on our understanding that we are cleaning up "the" mess not "our" mess. A simple language shift we have been playing with as part of a series of implicit and explicit attempts to make cleaning up about taking care of our community space. Ideally we are circumventing the common notion "I am done cleaning because I cleaned up my mess" and hopefully replacing it with something along the lines of "We are done cleaning because the shop is clean."


After a lunch-time story and an hour running around in the park, we came back to reveal the theme of the week. Color. There is no central or primary project but instead a series of 1-3 day projects. While explaining this to the kids and introducing our first set of projects I worried that eyes didn't light quite as brightly as when we had announced "FORTS!" or "UP (which means a BRIDGE!)".


But doing is always better than talking and we got right into it. We are working on Giant Jackson Pollock tributes, sensory perception play and blurred spinning color wheels, and a giant rainbow slide.

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It's going to be a messy week. Dress accordingly.

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