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Week 8, Day 1 - Service Learning

Sean Murray

For our last week of summer, we're trying something special and different. Usually we build projects for ourselves, then disassemble them. This week, we're building a project for other people, and they're going to use it for a long, long time.

The goal is: build a (huge!) shed for Urban Sprouts. They are a non-profit that conducts school garden programs in underserved communities here in San Francisco. They serve hundreds of kids, and so have lots of tools--and no good place to put them!

So, our campers will build them a shed.

But, before we can build a shed, we need safety training!

Veteran camper Alexandra learns to use clamps, and revisits her beloved tape measure.

For many campers, Safety Monday is the first time using a drill. First, a demonstration...

 ...then, practice!!!

The project is revealed! Campers are given shop drawings for the basic frame of the shed. How to build it--and any features to add--is for them to figure out together.

An explosion of productivity! The first small steps of what will be a BIG challenge.

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