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Week 8, Day 3

Sean Murray


Some campers show up as much as an hour before the 9:30 morning meeting that marks the official start of the day. Campers play games, snack, and often find ways to get ready for the day ahead.

Esme screw-tinizes the Chaos Bucket and gets our fasteners in order.


Campers and collaborators have over two hours to immerse themselves in their projects.



The shed at 9:35am.

   "This thing is REALLY big!"  Avner, who had spent the previous build enjoying Legos and games, is drawn back to building by the scale of the shed. 

A side project emerges. The shed is modular, and will be disassembled, hauled to Urban Sprouts, then re-assembled. Rather than label the parts with letters, we're going to paint plants on them.


After lunch and a story by Rebekah (providing her own live soundtrack on xylophone), we went the park to play around, shout, talk with our friends... 

Then, back to work on the shed! 

Rhone fastens a top plate, which holds the individual panels together.

All the panels are built! Thirty-two kids framed a 192 ft. sq. shed in less than three days. For many, this is the first time using real tools. 

Anuhea drives a screw. Minutes earlier, she'd discovered the joy and ingenuity of the chalk line tool.


We meet in a circle where campers share stories of other campers "being awesome". 

Plenty of good problems solved, plenty more good problems ahead.

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