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The First Rule of Heavy Lifting...

Sean Murray

...is "many hands make light work". Today we found this to be true in two ways: literally (as we lifted some projects which are getting pretty big) and metaphorically, as teams broke into mini-teams to tackle individual components of tough projects.

The SMash-O-Tine group split it into two teams: one building a ramp for the watermelon to roll down, another building this massive box to smash that watermelon. Here the mass team--Jude, Finn, Keira, Quentin and Luca--try to determine the best way to attach a pulley to the mass.

We're working on a Smash-O-Tine, which will drop a mass onto a watermelon...

Noah, Augie and Zach made an awesome team today, working independently for hours. Here they measure paracord to pull the mass for the Smash-o-Tine

We don't teach geometry, we use geometry. A sketch that helped the Smash-o-Tine find the lengths of their ramp's legs.

Olivia mounts a pair of ramp legs.

...a giant claw machine...

Maddie, Benjamin, Lucy and Zia build one of the four 8-foot towers for the giant claw machine.

...fake heavy objects made out of mache and foam...

Nicholas and Ryan mix flour and water for paper mache.

Lola applies a mix of orange, black and yellow paints with a sponge to simulate rust. This will be part of a fake dumbbell.


There was lots of great collaboration among our young builders--offering help to one another, and brainstorming solutions with peers before asking adults. Awesome to see.

We've got three more days of Heavy Lifting, stay tuned.

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