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Journalist - Tinkering School Overnight
Half Moon Bay, CA

At Tinkering School Overnight Camp (TSO), kids use real tools and real materials to build projects bigger than themselves. For more information on the camp and the projects that have been built, check out www.tinkeringschool.com

We here at Tinkering School are looking for a talented writer and multimedia storyteller to join our team as a Journalist for our Overnight Camp. The Journalist would be responsible for photographing project builds, interviewing kids, and crafting a photo-journal entry each evening that would capture the experience of camp for kids, parents, and other educators. Excerpts and selected photos from these entries may be published in a book by the Institute for Applied Tinkering to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Tinkering School.


We think great staff can come from any pocket of the world. While we are excited to get to know you and discover what stokes your passion, we’ll take a particular interest in candidates that demonstrate the following superpowers:

  • Storyteller. You have an ear for stories and can find the narrative thread in almost any situation. Whether you’re using words, images, or Instagram videos, you can enchant an audience and are as adept at sharing quiet moments as you are at capturing fabulous  spectacles.

  • Kid Whisperer. You can hold space for nine-year-olds’ unbelievably fascinating tangents and talk to an eleven-year-old with the adult tone they crave and deserve.  

  • Collaborator. You invite kids to take part in the documentation process. You are open and welcoming to all.  

  • File Management Wizard. You are nimble with online publishing platforms (Squarespace, Instagram, Flickr), can wrangle memory cards, juggle dongles, and ensure that our documentation is organized and won’t be lost.  

  • Outdoor Adventurer. You always know the right knot to tie, can effortlessly spot the difference between blackberry bushes and poison ivy, and help spread excitement about living in the woods.


Tinkering School will be in operation from June 17, 2019 until August 17, 2019. We hope that you will work the whole summer, but will also consider hiring partial-summer staff.

Training Week - June 17 - 21

Session 1 - June 23 - 29

Session 2 - June 30 - July 6

Session 3 - July 7 - 13

Session 4 - July 14 - 20

Session 5 - July 21 - 27

Session 6 - July 28 - August 3

Session 7 - August 6 - 10

Session 8 - August 11 - 17



40-54 hrs/week.

Housing and meal included.


Apply to join our team by emailing info@tinkeringschool.com with a PDF copy of your resume, cover letter, and documentation of a cool project you’ve worked on. Applications accepted on a rolling basis (sooner is better).

Tinkering School is an equal opportunity employer and makes employment decisions based on merit. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, sex (including gender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender, pregnancy, and breastfeeding), sexual orientation (including heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality), national origin, ancestry, citizenship status, marital status, age, medical condition, genetic characteristics or information, military and veteran status, and physical or mental disability, or any other consideration made unlawful by federal, state or local laws.

While we welcome out-of-town applicants, we are unable to reimburse the cost of any travel associated with the hiring process.

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