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Spider's Thread Swing and Some Hinge Hips

One Inch Tall (May 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

Last week, a few of the After School Special Session Tinkerers started to create another line from our Shel Silverstein poem. With "You'd swing upon a spider's thread" as their new literal prompt, the group came up with an interesting interpretation that sparked new avenues for Tinkering and problem solving.

Imagine, if you will, a spider's web hung high above the shop, parallel to the floor. Dangling from it, simply, a swing. The Tinkerers decided on a size and shape for the spiderweb, and carefully constructed a structure to later hold criss-crossing rope. 

In this case, the aesthetic decision to use rope sparked the need to pause for a brief lesson in knot tying. It really is harder than one might imagine. 

As the web-making team continued with their octagonal structure and knot-tying, a few of the other Tinkerers set out to solve another problem -- our "One Inch Tall" person was not originally designed to sit down! How is it going to use the swing?

We had to perform some quick surgery to modify the One Inch Tall person's hips. We cut and installed an extra piece of wood and a couple of hinges to allow for bending, and then quickly moved on to creating a swing seat to allow the person to sit upright without flopping over. 

At the end of the session, our person joined us for an excited and rowdy closing circle, where we discussed the looming time constrain of only two more sessions left!

How are we going to finish this poem? I know I'm anxious to find out!

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