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Close your eyes, and imagine that you are only One Inch Tall!

One Inch Tall (May 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

Close your eyes. Now, I want you to picture this story as I read it aloud. Think about the colors, and textures, and size of all the characters. Ready? Here we go. 

"If you were only one inch tall, you'd ride a worm to school..." Laughter erupted! "The teardrop of a crying ant would be your swimming pool," More laughter! Snickering, and smiles, and eyes peeking open!

As I went on reading "One Inch Tall" by Shel Silverstein, I immediately knew that this was going to be a great project. We're trying out something we've never done before -- the Tinkerers are going to recreate this poem, line by line, and wow, are they loving it already!

This silly poem is inspiring so many questions! "How tall is an inch?" Someone shouts! Another Tinkerer answers, "Wait! We have one inch screws!"

The one inch screws became instrumental in our design phase, as everyone tried to make their ideas on paper to scale. 

We started at the beginning of the poem--riding a worm to school. During design phase, the Tinkerers all had some really great ideas about what it might look like to ride a worm. Steering mechanisms, and wheels, and segments, and seating. They thought of everything! 

After drawing out some ideas, we began construction! 

To be continued next week!

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