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"Stuffie's Great Adventure!" Week 1

Donkey (Fall 2015)Rachel EconomyComment

Our Senior After School crew started their first week off strong with tool practice and instant collaboration.

But while they were busy building a clamp bridge...

...and practicing the chop saw...

...strange forces were at work in the universe. And so, when we arrived on Wednesday, we found a strange, lost little alien in our shop.

Though somewhat shy, the alien has taken a liking to Evan, and has informed Evan that our new alien-friend's name is Sauron, that he is severely allergic to human touch, and that he would like to get from his current position on the shop floor to a high bridge in the rafters in order to get the lay of the land on our strange planet. 

And so we set out to design a machine or structure that could accomplish the task.

After a few rounds of discussion, some friendly debate about just how allergic the alien is to people, and one of the most diverse lists of testable ideas I've ever seen for a single design here at Tinkering School, we decided that for our first attempt, we would try to build a pulley-based elevator-bucket-picker-upper to get Saur0n to the bridge. In the coming week, we'll be building, testing, and tinkering, in an effort to help our extra-terrestrial friend.  

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