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BE A BUG! Build a Segment!

Bug! (Winter 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

What a day! This week we got straight to work on becoming a never-before-seen, many-segmented bug! First, we reviewed our major design criteria all together :

12-15 body segments big enough to fit inside of, lots of legs, head, antennae, spikes, jaws, and "palpi" - those cool things used to sense food and water

Then we split into small groups and began building three unique body segment "prototypes."

We experimented with many materials, incorporating everything from cardboard boxes, 2x3 wooden planks, plywood boards, plastic tubes, extra-thick felt, wheels, and screws into our designs!

We safely used loads of tools in the shop, including the chop saw, the band saw, hand drills, squares, and clamps. 

At the end of the day, we reflected on the process and shared our progress with the other groups. We're all excited to come back next week, work on our prototypes, and decide on the features we like best so that we can forge ahead!

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