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Tuesdays- Cyborgs- Major Progress Day!!!

Cyborgs (Fall 2016)Frannie DiBonaComment

We switched it up today and decided to leave our drill arm's finishing touches for later and move onto a new project with switched up groups! The backpack team made serious progress on the PVC joints and the frame and our new Screw Dispenser team started their build!

The backpack team works on the best way to support our vacuum.

The screw dispenser team measures their box sides before cutting them out

Noe double checks the measurements with precision

Time to cut! Don't forget the push stick

Everyone tries their hand at the bandsaw!

Over at the drill press, we use a clamp to get the PVC pieces apart!

The after math of discovery

We have a vacuum backpack coming along nicely! Our drill arm remains patiently in the background awaiting a screw dispenser. Three more weeks to go and our cyborg is coming along beautifully!

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