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Tuesday- Cyborgs- Week 7

Cyborgs (Fall 2016)Frannie DiBonaComment

Today, we accomplished a lot of our goals and got even closer to finishing our projects! Vacuum team figured out how to connect their vacuum and handle together bringing them one step closer to having control over their arm. The screw dispenser team made serious progress on their screw-holder box, and now have only their collection box and attachment left to do!

We started this week off by learning about priorities and prioritizing what needed to be done between the two teams. 

Our Goals: "More than one" screw needs to be held in our box, and the "skroos" need to fall into the "bosk." 

The screw dispenser team tests out where the dispenser will be most comfortable on the drill arm.

August and Festus try out ways to connect their vacuum and the extendable arm.

Connecting the two requires support from a partner!

The almost-finished screw dispenser! There are two compartments in order to hold two sizes of screws without them mixing.

The vacuum arm team learns to use the bandsaw so they can test their next connection method.

The doors won't close! The screw dispenser team discovered they needed to shave down the sides of their box in order for the door to close.

The next iteration of connection for the vacuum arm team includes pieces of plywood in lieu of just drilling through cardboard.

At closing circle we check off the goals we completed today! August and Festus shared how they were thankful for each other's help in drilling, and Nolan was thankful for Raj's help on creating the box! 

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