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Be a Bug! Doing our best to use all of the tools!

Bug! (Winter 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

Since we're six weeks into this, our skills are getting like off the charts. We're quick, we're accurate with our cuts, and we're hungry for more. And as it happens, this build day we used so many tools in the shop it was incredible. 

Drills? Definitely got those down pact. We were able to get these plywood walls on super quick.

Compound miter saw? Check!!!! We're cutting like butter, baby.

Band saw, totally ON IT!!!!!!!!

Look, mom, TWO HANDS!!!!


Pipe cutter merit badge = earned!!

Drill press? We're working on it—next week we'll totally know what we're doing.

Status update: the bug bus (our thorax) is getting benches made of plywood, while the head of bug got plywood walls attached, reinforced ceiling supports, AND we're making JAWS to eat things! We started working with the pipe, some hinges, and cardboard (for the teeth) to make it all work. Look for more updates next week!!!

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