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HELP! I've been trapped! Help! Help!

Help! (Winter 2016)Jay SimpsonComment

This week started off with an emergency! We found out that someone was trapped under a heavy object and we need to find a way to lift it off of them!

After a flash-brainstorming session we got to work! We decided on a basic frame and a system of pulleys to make our machine!

Generator power was restored so we could build a stronger frame. We focused on triangles for their strength and by the end of the session had one side completed and the other side ready to be screwed together.

Inspecting it for strength — quite possibly one of the strongest things built at Tinkering School!

As for pulleys, we started with a few but realized that it became easier the more we added. Above, it took half our group to lift the weight of one person. Below, it was easy to do—even with only one hand!  

By the end we had five pulleys and felt confident about being able to lift the heavy object. Next week we get to attach the pulley's to the frame and start testing if we can really rescue our person!

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