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Tuesday After School - Day 3

Shoe (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

Our giant shoe is beginning to take form!

This week we were back and tinkering in full force. We reviewed our plan from last week and caught everyone up to speed on the brainstorming, designing, and building that had taken place the last time we met.

We determined the wood we would need, made a cut list, and hit the chop saw room!

And then, we connected it all together!

TSAS Mon Sess2 Elevator-2.jpg
TSAS Mon Sess2 Elevator.jpg

We used our corner jigs and bar clamps to keep everything in the right place as we drilled lots of holes and drove lots of screws.

And now we've got this ginormous box-car-shoe-frame almost built, nearly ready to be covered and accessorized!

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