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Tuesday After School - Day 4

Shoe (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment

We're back to work on the boot!

This week, we started off our build session with a check-in meeting to review what needed to be done for the day. As we gathered around our giant-boot-to-be, leaning on the wooden beams, we realized that that whole thing swayed from side to side. Thus, we decided to devote some efforts to stabilizing the giant structure, starting with the shoe's "toe." We also set out to finish the "ankle" section of the shoe. 

In order to make our stabilizers, we needed to make to miter (diagonal) cuts on the saw. These allowed us to make sturdy triangle shapes and prevent further swaying to and fro.

Attaching the "ankle" section of the boot involved a lot of drilled and driving. We definitely got our drill practice in! We also had to (safely) stand on stools to reach some of the high places!

Finally, in the final minutes, we began attaching side panels to our shoe! It's really starting to take shape...how exciting!

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