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Wednesday After School - Day 5

Tractor (Spring 2016)Caroline ScanlanComment


Today, we set out to stabilize our tractor frame, build out the top of the cab, and continue turning those barrels in to wheels!!!

We really got to practice our miter cut skillz while we made diagonal cuts both for structural support beams and for the tractor's roof (more on that later). Here, you can see us gearing up to attach the diagonal beams to prevent the tractor from wiggling and wobbling:

We also made loads of progress on our barrel wheels today. We cut out the bottom of the first barrel using the jig saw and attached the pre-cut spokes one-by-one. 

We encountered a few "mister dangerouses" (misplaced, pokey screws), and self-corrected along the way:


Another mishap from the day - a giant stuck drill bit! Evan was finally able to push the bit out using our biggest power drill in the shop!

Eventually, we ended up creating a super wheel with elegant spokes. We can't wait to attach it to its axil next week!

Meanwhile, other tinkerers were hard at work creating the supports for our tractor's roof. Last week, we decided to take on the challenge of making double-angle cuts, so today, we picked up right where we left off. 

Here they are after one pass through the chop saw (next, we adjusted the saw angle to line everything up on both sides!) :

And after our final cuts...everything matches perfectly:

And finally, we couldn't help ourselves from having a sweet time and jamming to some imaginary tunes :)

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