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Thursdays, Week 3 - MR. POTATOHEAD!

Mr. Potato (Fall 2016)Sage RyanComment

Our last session was pretty geared towards designing and planning our project. Today we actually had the WHOLE SESSION to build! 

Last week we separated into two groups to begin on our first two body parts for mister potato head. Today those body parts came a long way!!

His nose has evolved into an enormous rectangle that Tinkerers may be able to sit in!!!

And after the eyebrows group finished their big bushy eyebrows....

They moved on to building a pair of big round eyes!!

While making the eyes, this group learned how to use both the band saw!!~~~

AND the drill press!


There was also a whole bunch of practicing with the tools we learned last week. The tinkerers are getting more comfortable in the space, with the tools, and with their projects, exited to continue building Fall's MISTER POTATO HEAD!

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