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Elephant (Spring 2017)Brendon BellComment

Our last class! And still so much to do! With no time to lose, we quickly split into groups and tackled our final tasks to bring our elephant to life. We needed to attach the head to its body, perfect the trunk (aka peanut delivery mechanism), connect the ladder, and much more. 

One group tested several iterations for a trunk mechanism. 

Another group worked on securing the ladder so it was stable and safe for humans big and small to climb. They learned about simple solutions to tricky problems like using a lever to twist eye bolts into the wood.

And finally the moment we had long been waiting for, our elephant's head and body were joined together!

We finished just in time as the parents arrived. Now we could finally see if our elephant could feed its squirrel buddy a peanut!

Before trying it out though, we all discussed safety precautions. What should we be watching and listening for to tell us if something goes wrong? We agreed to stand a safe distance in case our elephant was a bit clumsy and missed the squirrel's basket.


And before everyone left, we all got to climb up into our elephant!

It's been a pleasure working on this awesome project with such a dedicated and creative group of young people! 

To check out all the photos from the session visit: https://www.flickr.com/photos/tinkeringschool/albums/72157678949499344

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