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Giant Insects Week 8 - Boys & Girls Club - Willie Mays Clubhouse

B&GClub -WM (Spring 2018)Julie PeriComment

It's our final week of the year at Willie Mays clubhouse and our insects are taking flight! We added on the final touches to the butterfly and queen bee and said our goodbyes to the ice cream bug and winged spider. 

One of final steps for the butterfly was adding on the wings and coloring them with melted crayon. In our first attempt we added all of the crayon colors mixed together, which left us with a greenish brown color. Learning from our mistake, we moved forward melting one color at a time. 


While adding the color to the wings we also added on wheels and seating to the butterfly, while making sure to have plenty of fun. 


Rai Rai getting screws for the wheels and wings.


Ju'Lasia ensuring we don't take things too seriously.


Brendon and Jala working on final touches for the butterfly. 


Voila! Once the butterfly was done we took it for a test drive. We also celebrated the completion of their project with a certificate of recognition of their commitment to Tinkering School goals, learning from our mistakes, building something bigger than ourselves, collaborating and making friends and trying harder than usual. 


Meanwhile in the queen bee group we were visited by an unexpected criter! A bumble bee which the kids took as a good omen. "We are building a black bee and there is a black bee!" Mau Rae, Saniya and Teijon were delighted. 


Mau Rae and Saniya adding on the fabric of the queen bee.


Mau Rae channeling Beyonce and her queen bee persona.


Teijon attached the wings.

The day ended by acknowledging each of the tinkerers and their commitment to the Tinkering School goals. We can't wait to be back next year and build some new projects! Have a great summer.

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