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Dangerous Done Well: Exploding Eggs in Microwaves: First Steps

Dangerous (Fall 2013)Sean Murray

Today's session began by conquering our irrational fear of fatal CO poisoning from a one liter torch in a well-ventilated space, and toasting some delicious marshmallows.

Isabella gets toasty.

Cooking with fire is, now, a dangerous thing we have done well.  But what about cooking with microwaves? Today, we moved into the nuclear age.

Soren and Logan handled the strict two-marshmallow limit with aplomb.

We started by stating a new dangerous thing to do well: explode eggs in a microwave. Using our Risk Mitigation System, we guessed at problems, brainstormed solutions and began to escalate iteratively towards egg detonation. 

Our first test subject was a marshmallow. 

The microwave expands the marshmallow at captivating speeds.

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