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Wednesday's Marks and Cuts

Open Shop (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

Things are moving right along in Wednesday open shop. After a week away from the space we are all thankful for the meaningful time dedicated to our designing phase. The individual drawings help remind us of where we left off as well as conceptualize what is the next necessary step in our building process. This allowed the majority of this group to jump right back into working where they left off last week. As these young builders become more comfortable with the tools' capabilities- their imaginations and desired outcomes really take off!

Brandin drills holes for a compass he's constructing from a scrap piece of wood that will help him draw out the "ribs" for his model dog. 

This session was full of lots of marking and cutting as we prepared for the next stages of assembly. 

Mason "Master Measurer" shows incredible laser focus and precision when it comes to making marks! "Measure twice, mark once", what a motto!

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