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Tuesday's Helping Hands

Nathan Savoy

On the third working session for our floating room there was some talk and excitement surrounding the idea of building a webbed wall but after a quick circle up we agreed that before we could begin building walls we needed a sturdy floor to stand them on. With all hands on board we continued to work on the framing and support for the floor.  

Ida and Lincoln help set the supports in place for the floating room floor. 

We decide to maintain the kids momentum and excitement by splitting into two groups and beginning the frame for a roof.

Sophie and Aanya set up some clamps for the roof's frame.

More supports mean a more sturdy floor. The team works hard on drilling in cross beams for the floor

Lincoln and Ida diligently measure and mark more cross supports for the floor team to attach.

Lincoln learns how the chop-saw stop allows you to make multiple cuts of the same length without needing marking every piece of wood. This really helps in moving things along.

Construction break! Some of our builders take a time out from power tools to get creative in our art studio. We now have some beautiful drawings to help decorate the inside of our floating room.

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