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A Friday Filled With Design

Open Shop (Fall 2014)Nathan Savoy

Our second Friday open shop was an intense session full of functional problem solving. This group of kids did their homework and came came prepared with ideas, dimensions and scope for their work while in the shop. 

Here are some highlights 

Henry came in with dimensions and material information that allowed him to get straight to designing the extension to an existing fort in his backyard. He's going to construct his walls in a modular fashion for easy transport and assembly at home. 


Determining the parameters for a personal sized boat, proved to be the greatest challenge of the day but Justin focused on his design for nearly the entire period. Appealing to many measuring devices available he contemplated size, dimensions and even a bit of trigonometry while remaining aware of constraints like buoyancy and how to seal his project so it won't sink.


Faced with a space and storage constraint that had one builder reconsider taking on the project of constructing a skateboard half pipe. Lee went back to the drawing board determined to choose a idea that resonated with something important to him. 


Nico arrived with a great working design complete with measurements and material suggestions for his personal two-tier push cart. This allowed him to immediately begin working on his frame. Unfortunately, the cart's length was the single undetermined variable. Sometimes we get so excited about scale that it takes a parent's reminder how a six foot cart may not have space or function in the family's shed. So collectively we decided to shorten it next session. 

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