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Thursday Time to Tinker

Nathan Savoy

At Tinkering School we keep the kids in suspense of what we are going to build at after school until it's time to actually design. This approach allows us to capture the kids initial response and creativity that surfaces when prepared with pencils and a piece of paper and a big an idea. It also helps us collaborators managed expectations and constraints in real time. With that said, "we're going to build.. a YELLOW SUBMARINE!"

Portia puts some Portia puts some "personal" touches on her submarine design. Namely, her name. 

Joined by junior-collaborators Emilia, Zach and Liam get serious with some really practical design solutions including: how big our submarine needs to be to fit everyone and attaching wheels for movement.

After sharing our designs and determining a master plan we can all agree on, it's time to build! 

Liam gets precise with measuring wood for the chop saw team.

Portia and Cecile choose to grab drills and pair up. 

Nick looks on while Max drives a screw into the pilot holes he just made in a piece of the suberime's frame

Nic offers Liam a lesson in safety by reversing a clamp and pointing its tail away from the area they are working on. 

Nathan reviews how to use reverse on the drill with Owen who is working on a section of framing for the sub. 

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