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Submarine Standing

Nathan Savoy

This Thursday session we took on the ambitious goal of attaching the three frames for the submarine we reconstructed last week.  

The group meets with Lindsay to draw out a plan of action for the afternoon. 

The group self organized into pairs which allowed us to tackle multiple tasks, simultaneously. This sort of co-operation was exactly what we needed to get this sub assembled and off the ground. 

Liam helps hold a stick of wood he marked to be trimmed while Owen makes the cut. 

Emilia and Zach work on gutting out gussets on the bandsaw to help stabilize the wobble on the frames

Check out that focus! 

Meanwhile, Cecile and Portia work together on driving screws into the submarines' base. 

Owen tackles the top (ladder safety means the same task takes two people) 

Nic and Emilia decide to be each others resistance by choosing to work opposite one another on securing gussets to the frames base

Buliding break! Sean offers resistance with his foot to the gusset team whilst taking a moment to catch up with Emilia about what's happening beyond the walls of the shop.

Portia also wanted to get up the ladder and work on attaching the top, while in the background Sean checks in with Max who's practicing making cuts with a hand saw.

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