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Tool Training 2.0

Nathan Savoy

Wednesday After School's are going to be be a blast this winter at Tinkering School. With every single member of the group being a return Tinker we delve deeper into our first day of tool training. We even were able to release the project and being working on our designs. 

First things first, tool training. We decided to ask a lot of questions to see what everyone recalled from their previous participation(s) before deciding to explore further tool operations in what I'd like to refer to as TS Training 2.0.

Nick learns how to use a speed square to make a perfect perpendicular line before making a cut.  

Ruben makes a cut with the chop saw

Sunny holds down a frame with Nick while he tries out the speed settings on the drill. 

With 30 minutes to spare it was time to release the project... A Massive Moveable Marble Maze!

Wfinished off our session putting our designs down on paper before taking off. The youngest tinker in the group was so excited about their design they decided to bring it home (along with some graph paper) so they could continue working on it in preparation for next session. 

With drawing out of the question for Lukas due to injury he decides to explore some of the physical constrains for the group by measuring the bareing dimeter and the width of the wood we'll use.

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