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Practice is Just as Important

Ball Run (Spring 2015)Amanda SimonsComment

Today was the first day of the Tuesday After School program. Even though this spring's group is mostly made up of alumni Tinkerers who have been through tool training once, twice, or even more times, we started the session with an opening circle where we talked about the training agenda for the day: chop saw, drills, and, if there was time, clamps. 

Clamps? In the middle of the explanation, a voice yelled out "I still don't understand clamps!"

For familiar faces, sometimes the same information over and over can seem like old news--but as we discovered, with power tools, practicing a skill is just as important as knowing a skill.

Today was about practice, about warming up, and reminding ourselves that Tinkering School is just as much about the process of doing something as it is about the result. 

And, now that training is over, next week we will kick off the session with a project reveal! I know I can't wait! 

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