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Tinkering School After School: Juniors

After SchoolSean Murray

Today was the first day of the Spring session of Tinkering School After School Juniors!

Scarlett uses the chop saw.

In this class, kids will get to use real tools and work together to build things bigger than themselves.

Owen, Charlotte and Zander grab drills from the tool wall.

We started class with safety training on two of the shop's most basic tools: the chop saw and drills.

Maite really liked the power drill.

After safety training, we began our first challenge: Build something that, when you stand on it, makes you as tall as Josh or Sean. This exercise was a good first foray into the Tinkering School format: the challenges and themes are very clear, the solutions are open-ended and limited only by kids' imaginations.

Talking strategy with Josh.

Stay tuned!

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