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TSAS Seniors: Making Boards from a Log, Finishing a Case Carcass

Seniors (Spring 2014)Sean Murray

We got to use loads of fun tools as we built our library today.

Ethan and Dexter busted out the pipe clamps to complete the carcass of their bookcase. The carcass is made only from off-the-shelf fraing studs, but thanks to their care and precision, it came out extremely square. (Sorry, we were all too busy to snap a photo!) Next week we'll clad the carcass in strips of softwood, matching the rustic feel of our shop.

Sam and Asa used the portable bandsaw and MIG to weld some sleek brackets for wall-mount shelves, while Panu and Trent used the bandsaw, planer, and random orbital sander to make boards from a redwood log over 14" diameter!

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