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Break Camp Day 2 : Bowling, Pinball and a Swing Set

February Fun 2014Josh Rothhaas

The urge to make kicks in within 10 minutes of walking through the door. A few kids gather around some wooden dominoes and start going for the longest chain. Their teamwork gets them to over 120 in just a few minutes.

On day two we tend to catch the kids a little off guard. Yesterday involved so much description, talking, safety, and generally getting to know how this place works. But on day two we are off and running right after morning circle.

We began painting our bowling pins.

Today some projects finished, some projects just started and one project started and nearly finished. One of the more ambitious projects of the week involves our oldest group trying to build a swing set. As of this morning, it was just an idea. By the end of the day we were just a few pieces of parachord away from a swing set.

After park we ate some lunch we got right back to making. The pinball machine made great progress and the bowling ball alley project took a turn for the beautiful.

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