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Break Camp Day 3 : A Swing!

February Fun 2014Josh Rothhaas

Today the pinball machine neared completion. The swing got reinforced. And, the foosball table started taking shape. Wednesday is a tricky day where if there are any choke points in the projects, we have found them and are stuck on them. Some kids get frustrated. Some kids disengage. Some kids muscle through.

At Tinkering School we just keep plugging along. Some of the collaborators fully investing in the project, modeling what it looks like to stick it through. Other collaborators spin off to support the kids who can't engage, meet them where they are and help start mini-mid-week projects that re-engage and put kids back in their comfort zone. Today was book making and tons of imaginative play with the construction toys.

The big project highlight of the day was the push to stabilize and finish the swing. Rocking in every direction, our original design needed some beefing up. We added diagonal pieces all over the place and made huge strides in rigidity. By the end of the day it was safe enough to play on!

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