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Thanksgiving 2015

Day1, Mission to the Moon- Thanksgiving Break Camp 2015

Thanksgiving 2015Rachel EconomyComment

In some stories, the moon is made of cheese. But today at Tinkering School, we decided that the earthbound Mission Control for a moon space colony should, conversely, also be completely ensconced in cheese. I'm not sure exactly how this happened, but it sounds pretty great to me, and also provides pretty good evidence of the delicious and wacky creativity that emerged today as we began designing and building a Mission to the Moon.


While we didn't reach the point in the building process where we might actually need to build a giant cheese, we did envision and build the beginnings of a self-sufficient lunar colony.

We also designed the parts of Mission Control that would (presumably) go inside the imaginary cheese- tables, screens, and a computer big enough to hold a lot of data and several kids besides.


Tomorrow, kids will design and build additional components for our grand space scheme, and we will see where this project leads u. Today's favorite moment for me, however, was when two young tinkerers realized the table they had built was slightly off, took the whole thing apart, and rebuilt it, with giant smiles on their faces the whole time.

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