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Journey/Center/Earth: Making THEIR Plans Happen

Amanda SimonsComment

During one of the morning building meetings today, one tiny voice perfectly explained why communication is so important during these week long builds. Communication helps us translate information from a project area to the chop saw room to make a series of cuts. It helps other people know when we need clamps -- or when we can put them away. Communication is instrumental in transferring crucial details about progress, wants, and needs.

In short, as it was said this morning, "we all need to communicate to make their plans happen!"

This week, as we take out Journey to the Center of the Earth, three main things need to happen:

  1. A vehicle needs to be constructed so that we have something to take our journey in.
  2. A cave needs to be created so that the vehicle has a distance to travel.
  3. The Center of the Earth is going to be actualized, so that we have a goal.

These are by no means separate projects. Each component has details that effect the others. If the cave is too small, the vehicle can't pass through. If the vehicle is too small, an operator can't fit in it. If the Center of the Earth doesn't have a place to connect to the cave, then our journey is interrupted. 

As a result, transparency of information and intensions during the building process is necessary for success. We have to communicate, and communicate clearly -- and we've had a lot of time to practice this over the last three days! 

With designs mostly solidified, and a lot of challenging problems sorted through and out, we are closing today in a pretty good place. And, with only one full day of building left, that's a great place to start tomorrow!

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