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Shadow Puppets! Session 1 - Day 1 - July 27

Juniors Puppets (2016)Lindsay JonesComment

A new week of tinkering has begun! 

We started our day by learning/creating our goals and agreements for the week. 

The four goals we'll be reaching for together are:

  1. Collaborating and meeting friends
  2. Making mistakes and learning from them!
  3. Trying harder than we usually do
  4. Building something bigger than ourselves

Training on the Tools!

At Tinkering School, we always stress tool safety first and foremost. Next, we learn cool stuff about the tools by using them! At Junior Day Camp, there are no saws in the building, so we practice getting super skilled with the clamps and the power drills as we tinker, tinker, tinker!

Clamps - let's make a clamp-a-ma-jig!

Power Drills - let's use screws to attach wood to wood!

Park - taking a midday break to eat lunch and play

Finally - project reveal...we're making Shadow Puppets!

We spent some time playing in the shadows, imaging different shapes we could make with our bodies. Silus popped in to mime a crane ... and thus, a waterfall of tinkerers jumped to the wall to brainstorm animals we could craft with shadows!

We collected all of our ideas on the board. 

And broke up into groups to design a land animal (a deer!) and a flying animal (a bird!)

And then...we finally got to building the first steps of our shadow-puppet animal bodies!

Here's a blurry photo of our end-of-day RESET. We always practice putting tools and materials back in their place so that we can arrive ready to tinker the next day:


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