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It's Raining Cats and Dogs! - Session 3 - Day 3: When Dogs Have Wings

Juniors Raining (2016)Evan BarnesComment

Today, as usual, we started out with some planning meetings, both as a large group and in our two smaller project teams. We're all getting pretty good at planning meetings, and in the cats and dogs group, we even practiced some problem solving techniques that come from the field of organizational psychology. Specifically, the team learned about how research has found that when groups deliberately discuss problems without proposing solutions, they are much more likely to create more effective solutions later on. (See this page on LessWrong for more information.) We applied this technique to thinking about how to suspend our cats and dogs in midair so we can make it rain on Friday, and arrived at a really thorough understanding of the problems we will need to solve. As you can see in some of the photos, minds were blown by the ideas that were brought up.

With two full build sessions today, we got a lot done. The shelter team added a lot of bracing and protective slats to their structure, and so far, it looks like we'll be safe from the predicted storm of small mammals that's coming on Friday.

The cat and dog team got a lot done today, too. Yesterday, the cat we were trying to build turned into a dog - it just looked so dog-like that we had to make the switch! So currently, we have one completed small pug dog, one similarly sized dog that also has wings, and one really large dog that has a monster face, a giant pink tongue for licking, and a venom sack. We definitely got pretty whimsical today, and there was lots of laughter during our build sessions! Friday promises to bring quite the storm!

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