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Swallowed by a Whale - Session 6 - Day 3

Swallowed by Whale (2016)Molly MansfieldComment

Sometimes Wednesdays are the hardest days at Tinkering Camp. It's mid-week, the projects we are trying to build are getting bigger and more complicated, and some of the designed we planned aren't working out. And on top of that it is July and it is hot! Today, tinkerers had to do some creative problem solving to figure out how to keep constructing our whale:

Tinkerers had to test to see how many people a 2"x3" board can support:

The projects continued to evolve...

We strengthened friendships...

And at the end of the day, we were really, really tired!

Tinkerers were reminded to drink lots of water and get lots of sleep for our last full day of building tomorrow! See you in the morning tinkerers!

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