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Crazy Restaurant Week! - SF Day Camp, Day 3 - Tinkering is Difficult - We Make Mistakes

Restaurant Week (2017)Molly MansfieldComment

Wednesday can be a tricky day at Tinkering Day Camp. This is when unexpected challenges tend to rear their ugly heads and the best laid plans don't go as anticipated. We are also TIRED on Wednesday after a whole lot of learning, building and collaborating at the beginning of the week. Mid-week is when teams of collaborating tinkerers face more conflicts - new challenges arise just as feelings of competency and project-ownership take hold. Project parts aren't yet reinforced enough to climb on, which is frustrating! All this often means that on Wednesday we make more mistakes than usual. For example, we need reminders not to say "my drill" and instead say "the drill I was using." Accidentally, we don't tighten a clamp well enough and wood pieces fall apart. And drills bits break at inconvenient times.

At Tinkering School we celebrate mistakes. Making mistakes and analyzing them is one of the best ways to learn! Making mistakes shows that we are pushing outside of our scopes of knowledge and exploring new things. Making mistakes means that we are trying.

Here are some photos of mistakes we have made so far this week: (click, tap, or swipe to scroll)

Don't forget to check out our Flickr album (here) for more photos!

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