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Crazy, er.. Funky Restaurant Week! - SF Day Camp, Day 5 - Appreciating Our Hard Work

Restaurant Week (2017)Molly MansfieldComment

Today was the last day of Crazy, er... Funky Restaurant Week at Tinkering School Day Camp in San Francisco! On Fridays we build for just the morning, take our normal mid-day break, and then put finishing touches on our projects before families come to see what we've been up to all week. This is when we finally step back, hang up our drills, and see what we were able to achieve through learning from our mistakes and collaborating. We describe the moment when we share our projects with families as our time to appreciate what we've learned and accomplished together. We truly did build things bigger than ourselves (another Tinkering School goal) this week! This appreciation time is short, only about fifteen minutes long after five days of designing and building, but that is intentional - it is a reminder that we do not care about having a finished product and it is the collaborative process that matters.

.... And then we take it all apart! In the span of a little more than an hour, everyone including families, pitches in to take apart our projects so we can recycle the materials for the next week of tinkering and clean the space for the next tinkerers to use. Even though we're sad to see our projects disassembled, it is rather fun to break everything down in a flurry of activity!

Here are some photos of our final day of Funky Restaurant Week (I was reminded that tinkerers prefer to call it "Funky" instead of "Crazy" today - my mistake!): (click, tap or scroll to view all)

We have many more photos to view on our Flickr album page for this week. Check it out!

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