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Mission to Marks! - Day 4 - Mark Day School

Mark Day - Mars (2017Brendon BellComment

The countdown is beginning! 9...8...7... 

Our ship is shaping up. Our mars colony is being populated by an eclectic group of martians. Its almost time to make the long journey and establish first contact! 

The spaceship team worked hard to assemble and attach the middle cylindrical section. It will spin and provide gravity for our astronauts during the long journey. 

The crews' quarters was upgraded with a fold up table. 

And Corey worked hard on building a study / sopaceworthy door.

And the cockpit is nearly finished!

Check out the retractable sun shade!

Check out the retractable sun shade!

The monorail in our martian colony has also been installed between two spacescrapers!

On one end, there's an elevator that will transport the martians from the surface. You might have noticed that the martians may be mini...?

And they're super cute!

The countdown continues...6...5... 

Stay tuned to our radio frequencies to see what incredible new additions this hard working group of tinkerers put together!

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