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Animal Homes - Day 1 - Week 8 - SF Day Camp

Molly MansfieldComment

Today we started the first day of our final week of Summer Tinkering Camp! We're excited that this is shaping up to be an exciting week... our theme this week is Animal Homes!

Our tinkerers started the day by making Group Agreements about how they plan to interact this week and also by learning to use the tools: (click, tap or swipe to see the slideshow of photos)

After lunch, tinkerers learned that our theme for the week is Animal Homes and the three project challenges are to build: a beaver dam, a spider web/home, and a bear den/cave! Tinkerers chose one of the projects to join to start the brainstorming and design process today. Some groups even started cutting wood and building this afternoon! Here are some photos of the afternoon:(click, tap or swipe to see the slideshow of photos)

During our closing circle for the day tinkerers shared stories about how they tried to achieve the Tinkering School goals today: Collaborate and Make Friends; Tried Harder Than Usual; Make Mistakes and Learn From Them; Build Something Bigger Than Ourselves. We were impressed that, unprompted, tinkerers also gave each other praise and encouragement for helping each other out today - what a great group! It's going to be a great week...

Check out our Flickr album page for more photos from today - click HERE for Flickr

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