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Jack and the Beanstalk - Day 4 - Mark Day School

Mark Day Jack Bean (2017)Beth McMurphyComment

It's Thursday at Tinkering Camp! We had an overcast day for our final full day of tinkering -- almost as if that mythical giant knows what's coming tomorrow!

Today saw our tinkerers asking questions of all sorts:


 "How do you make the pops in a pop-up book?" 


"How do you connect things that don't line up?" 


"How much chi do you have?"

"How do we make a ladder stable enough for climbing?"

And many more!

While we still have many details to fine-tune tomorrow before our visitors arrive, we are finished or nearly completed with a number of elements in our "Jack (or Veronica, depending on whom you ask) and the Beanstalk" adventure:  the book is bound and resting on a stand for easy reading, the portal connects to the beanstalk maze, the tunnel is finished, and there's even a small forest of trees, a wolf that jumps to greet you, and a cart to transport you!


We can't wait to share what we've done with you! See you Friday at 2:30!

Check out more photos from today and this week on our Flickr stream!

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